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Metafit Coach

Metafit, ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Are you a level 2 qualified coach, ETM, PT or group exercise trainer? if yes you can deliver our Metafit HIIT workouts that fire up the metabolism, work muscle and ultimately burn fat.    Read more

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Amanda Barlow

Perth, WA

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My Review  (15/08/2017)

The Metafit courses are honestly an amazing addition to any personal trainers toolbox as they require zero equipment, very little floor space and yet provide a great cardio & strength training session

Dessislava Garbolino

Dayton, WA


My Review  (15/08/2017)

Metafit can be done in a group class or as a PT. Anyone from the advanced fitness person to the beginners will benefit from the Metafit HIIT workout. I love it as it focuses on correct technique.

Sharleigh Smith

GORDON PARK, Queensland

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My Review  (17/05/2017)

Metafit is amazing, I honestly died doing it but it has improved my fitness and developed a fun attitude toward body weight training! Get involved in the revolution, highly recommended.

Beata Benyhe Csuka

Rowville, VIC

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Christopher Miller

Nightcliff, NT

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