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About Us

FITREC is owned and operated by the same group that run HealthyPeople, Australia's largest fitness industry recruitment service and was officially open for business in June 2015 (after securing MARSH Advantage as a preferred insurance provider).

FITREC is a product of our desire to see industry professionals better supported in career development.

Over 10 years of operating HealthyPeople we'd come to appreciate that recruitment was one of the key needs of industry professionals and employers, but was unfortunately not addressed in any meaningful way by existing registration services. It was decided that we should put our experience, networks and talent to use and create a new registration service that reflected our understanding of industry needs.

Beginning from scratch gave us the opportunity to question many long held beliefs, resulting in a service that is streamlined, more transparent and recognises that there are more facets to a successful industry professional than education alone.

Our focus is the client (the industry professional) and making sure fitness registration is a valued addition to any fitness career.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You'll find our contact details here.