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For Employers

Attract, Retain and Develop High Performing Staff.

As well as helping build confidence among clients, FITREC provides fitness employers with a service to manage, encourage and support fitness staff.

ATTRACT great candidates

Professionals look for roles that offer support and career progression. FITREC is a small investment that pays off with BIG value in this area.

As a FITREC employer, your participating staff will be inspired to know that;

More tangible benefits to attract industry professionals include;

RETAIN fitness staff

When the job gets tougher (and it does), seeing how far you've come is not always obvious. Use FITREC to help your staff by;

DEVELOP all team members

Leading professional profiles on FITREC are an opportunity to show new and existing staff members the type of background that builds successful fitness careers. 

As your team develops, the rising average FITREC rating is an opportunity to encourage the continued development of the team. 

Other operational benefits to having FITREC recognised staff...

A small investment in your team can go a long way.

Employers that join the PROUDLY FITREC campaign will receive a Partnership Pack that includes promotional material, gifts for your staff to help with their career and a few special offers.

The PROUDLY FITREC program is currently only available by invite. For consideration, please contact us directly.


Do I need to purchase for all staff or can I choose which staff I purchase for?

You can choose who you purchase the service for. 

What happens if staff leave? Do they keep their FITREC recognition?

No, they would lose their active account - highlighting the fact that this a genuine benefit of being with you as an employer.

What happens if they leave half way through their recognised period?

FITREC recognition can be transferred to another staff member.

If there is no staff member to pass it on to, you'll receive a credit.