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What is FITREC?

FITREC is a transparent recognition service for the fitness industry.

An active FITREC profile is an assurance that a candidate has met professional development requirements.

With FITREC, you don't need to take our word for it, you can see for yourself exactly what education has been undertaken and view the corresponding certificate. 

Where provided, you will also be able to view...
What about the FITREC rating?

This is our effort to more easily distinguish fitness professionals in an otherwise crowded and undifferentiated market place.

The FITREC rating is a combination of experience, education and references. Each section is out of 100, giving a maximum possible score of 300.

You can see the contributing value of each at the top of each section. All education and reference scores deteriorate over time. Experience is scored in six monthly increments and requires 12 years of experience to achieve the maximum of 100 / 100.

How would you use this score? When assessing candidates, a score less than 100 reflects new talent. Between 100 and 200 demonstrates an emerging but focused industry professional. A FITREC rating north of 230 is an industry leader. And at 300, this person is an undisputed industry leader! 

This information could be useful in outlining the type of candidate required for an available role, or it could be a way of breaking down your Personal Training fee structure.

No matter the reason for looking at a FITREC profile, our intention is to ensure you have as much information as possible to make an informed decision about the recognised individual.