Business Registration

Sure, PROUDLY FITREC provides industry acknowledgement of your fitness business.

But it's real purpose is to help you attract, recognise and retain great staff.

12 months registration is $312 inc GST and includes;

  • One (1) professional FITREC registration
  • One (1) month of HealthyPeople Business Membership (connect with local candidates).
  • Further Business Membership and free ads for additional connected FITREC accounts.

I have an ABN, is PROUDLY FITREC (business registration) for me?

Only choose PROUDLY FITREC if you'd agree with either of the following statements...

✔ I'm a Sole Trader requiring industry acknowledgment of my fitness business.

✔ I expect to be hiring staff in the next 12 months.

✔ I'd like a web presence for clients but have no interest/desire/patience to create my own web site.

If these statements don't reflect your circumstances, then our standard FITREC registration is your best choice.

If you want to grow your business, attracting the best candidates is vital.

Unlike your website and social media, your PROUDLY FITREC profile is a place where you can focus on best representing your business to local candidates. You can showcase testimonials from staff and clients, show core values, motivations, culture and more. You can include images and video. You can even include Google Street View so candidates can get a good look inside your facility.

Most importantly, your PROUDLY FITREC profile is a place to showcase your team of FITREC registered professionals. From here candidates (or even clients) can click through to learn more about each of your staff's accomplishments and credentials. 

When you're looking for a new team member...

Make sure that all your job advertising efforts have a link to your PROUDLY FITREC profile. This is where you can include more information about your staff development procedures, images of the team in action, images from social events or team activities, testimonials from staff (video and/or written), and a personal letter or video from the owner and/or manager describing the focus of the business and the sort of people that thrive in their team.

And don't forget the value of including FITREC profiles of current staff - it's insight for potential candidates about those they'd be working with.

FREE recruitment services. The more FITREC profiles connected to your PROUDLY FITREC account, the greater the freebies.

When your aim is to build stronger, longer serving teams...

PROUDLY FITREC helps you acknowledge each member of your team. The very fact that their profile sits alongside the rest of the team is a boost to moral. And being online, it's easily shared with others on any device. 

Want to take it next level? Purchase FITREC for your team. Not only does this make managing their development and keeping track of certificates / insurance details / CPR / etc. easier, it's a HUGE boost to a Trainers feeling of having an industry presence.

Celebrating staff accomplishments is easier with FITREC - Every FITREC profile is easily shared to Facebook or LinkedIn.

PROUDLY FITREC is designed to build a stronger fitness businesses.