Business Registration

PROUDLY FITREC brings transparency, accountability and support to fitness businesses.

12 months registration is $312 inc GST and includes one professional registration.

Is PROUDLY FITREC business registration for you?

If you're a Sole Trader requiring online acknowledgment of your fitness business with decal to show your clients on site, then YES, we can help.

If you're a sole trader working out of another business and satisfied with personal registration only, then PROUDLY FITREC is NOT for you.

If you have any expectation of hiring staff in the next 12 months, PROUDLY FITREC is a must have!

Clients don't always ask about industry registration, but when they do, you'll have something great to show them.

In fact, your PROUDLY FITREC profile meets the needs of both clients as well as the needs of our industry. Especially for growing businesses, your profile is a way to attract the right people to your team. 

Celebrate staff - It attracts/retains the right people and builds confidence among your members.

Your PROUDLY FITREC profile can include FITREC profiles for each of your staff. These profiles are easily shared to social media making them the perfect tool to highlight staff achievements - a great way to encourage members to take on Personal Training while simultaneously demonstrating your pride and recognition of staff.

Use your PROUDLY FITREC profile to demonstrate things like culture, client focus, goals and mission for your business. 

Your profile can also include videos, images, testimonials, street-view, maps and, most importantly, a link to your FITREC professional profile (included with PROUDLY FITREC). Remember, this is the space to talk to other industry people, as much as to potential clients.

Your PROUDLY FITREC rating is a reflection of your time in business, testimonials and professional FITREC rating.

Your experience, your success with other clients and the background of your staff all contribute to helping clients feel comfortable purchasing from you. Whether you're a sole trader or big-box club, the metric is the same, so if a client knows the sort of training they prefer, they can now compare two different providers equally. And if you're the only one with an industry presence, all the better!

We'll give you an account manager.

When you need assistance from FITREC, you're not calling an organisation, you're calling a person. We'll ensure that all your queries are responded to as quickly as possible. And if we don't have the answers in the office, we have an extensive list of contacts that will ensure all your questions are answered.

At a MINIMUM, you'll receive $220 worth of recruiting service via

If you're looking to grow in size, at some point you're going to need some help. When you need it, we'll give you two months of access to the HealthyPeople database. The more staff you add to your profile, the greater the recruitment offering. 

PLUS you'll save even more with our FITREC SUPPORT partners.

We want to be sure that you have all the information and support you need to grow. Over the last 20+ years, we've met a lot of people doing great things for the fitness industry and we'd like you to know who they are. Many of these providers will offer significant discounts or free services.

Remember, FITREC does not accept payment from our FITREC SUPPORT partners, we just think they're good at what they do. 

Join a registration service designed to build a fitter industry.

Once purchased, you'll be contacted by an account manager to set up a professional (yes, one is included) and a business profile.