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Student Recognition

FITREC recognition is now available for fitness students.

Think of it as 'dressing for the job you want, not the job you have'.

Don't wait until your course is finished to begin preparing for your career!

Your FITREC profile is a place to show that you’re more than a basic qualification. It's easily shared, more representative than a CV and can be used to share relevant documents and certificates. As a result...

FITREC Student Recognition is $48 / year, 60% off our standard FITRECrecognition fee.


To get started;

Create your FITREC profile. Then, head to the ACCOUNT section and use your FITREC Student Recognition code to save 60% on the standard 12-month FITREC registration fee. We'll then be in touch to help set up the best possible profile for you. 

Don't have a student code? 

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