About Us


FITREC is a modern Fitness Registration and support service for fitness professionals. 

If this is your first experience of FITREC, then it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Launched in 2015, our key role is to provide a platform for qualified fitness professionals to easily communicate their education, experience, background and references. Building a representative service from scratch has afforded us the opportunity to question things often taken for granted and build improved services from the ground up. As a result, FITREC is a very different service to those that have preceded it.

The team is led by Dennis Hosking. Chenille (far right) is the main FITREC contact. Chenille is our newest member but already an integral part of the FITREC team.  Becky (right) and Bec (left ) help Chenille to ensure all FITREC professionals look their best and all enquiries are answered as quickly as possible.

We take enormous pride in what we do and strive to ensure all interactions with our staff and services are positive. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome (contact us).

FITREC is powered by HealthyPeople, a fitness industry focused recruitment service.


Our mission is simple. To help build stronger fitness careers and businesses.